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Growing Carrots in a Perth Garden with Biochar

Biochar’s Benefits:

“keeps the compost moist and aerated thus promotes increased biological action”

“has been proven to increase nitrogen retention in the soil”

“improves compost maturity and humic content”

“improves plant growth”

As a soil enhancer, biochar makes soil more fertile, boosts food security, preserves cropland diversity, and reduces the need for some chemical and fertilizer inputs.

Sustainable biochar can be used now to help combat climate change by holding carbon in soil and by displacing fossil fuel use.

Biochar is a solid material obtained from the carbonization of biomass. Biochar may be added to soils with the intention to improve soil functions and to reduce emissions from biomass that would otherwise naturally degrade to greenhouse gases. Biochar also has appreciable carbon sequestration value. These properties are measurable and verifiable in a characterisation scheme, or in a carbon emission offset protocol.

Biochar is the carbon (C) rich product when biomass, such as wood, manure or leaves, is heated with little or no available oxygen. In more technical terms, biochar is produced by thermal decomposition of organic material under limited supply of oxygen (O2), and at relatively low temperatures (<700°C). This process often mirrors the production of charcoal, which is perhaps the most ancient industrial technology developed by humankind. However, it distinguishes itself from charcoal and similar materials by the fact that biochar is produced with the intent to be applied to soil as a means to improve soil health, to filter and retain nutrients from percolating soil water, and to provide carbon storage.

Source: International Biochar Initiative

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  1. Hi – I somehow found my way to your website via some research I was doing on biofuels and biochar by-product. While my interest is primarily professional, I also wondered where I could get some myself to use in my typically barren suburban soil in Woodvale. Are you physically located in the Perth metro area?

    • Hi Alan,
      Sorry for the delay in following this up. Are you still interested in biochar? happy to drop some off for you; let me know. Laura 0438 963394

    • Sorry for the delay in replying to this question. I am happy to meet with you, either south of the river, or CBD. Please phone me so we can discuss. Laura 0438 963394

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